On Air Hosts

Warren Black

Warren Black

When I visited Portland for the first time, I decided that I wanted to live here. It would take about 15 years before I pulled it off. It’s a similar story with radio: I hosted a four-hour classical show during my freshman year of college, but many years would pass before I joined the staff of KCUR (the NPR affiliate in Kansas City) as an announcer and producer.
During those two overlapping intervals, I worked as a writer, editor, actor and voice-over artist in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Seattle. The one unifying theme in all that time and throughout my life has been music: participating in it as a singer, writing about it, or appreciating it from the audience.
The world can be a mixed-up place. But with persistence and luck you can arrive where you're supposed to be, doing work that you love.
Warren is the morning host weekdays from 6 am to 10 am and provides production assistance to The Score.
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Dylan Bodnarick

On Air Host and Producer

Music has always been the central focus of my life. Growing up, I was surrounded by the music my parents had playing around the house. Whether it was Dwight Yoakam, Outkast, or the Dead Kennedys, there was always something new to be discovered. Classical music became a large part of my life in college, alongside jazz and electronic music. The opportunity to see live orchestras in person and the emotional impact of that experience opened my eyes to many new ways of understanding and appreciating music. My first experience with radio came while studying ethnomusicology during my undergraduate education at Indiana University. I hosted the Free Noise Hour on WIUX, a weekly show centered on all things experimental, avant-garde, and noisy. I moved to Portland in 2021 and have spent my time seeing live music, enjoying local restaurants, and exploring all the natural beauty that Oregon has to offer. When not working at All Classical Portland I spend my time writing, recording, and performing music with several groups and as a solo musician.
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Leb Borgerson

I started playing guitar at age 11 and have been in musical acts of one type or another ever since. A native of Pullman, Washington, I studied music composition and guitar performance at Washington State University. It was there that I was first introduced to the glory of radio broadcasting through KZUU, and after moving to Portland in 2000, I hosted a show on the Portland Radio Authority. As a multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, I’ve produced hundreds of pieces of music, both professionally and just for fun, and as the bass player for Portland cumbia group Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, I get the opportunity to perform in some of the best venues in the Pacific Northwest with the nicest bandmates one could ask for. While I am a fan of and have performed in numerous musical genres, ever since my youngest days I have been impressed and affected by the evocative power of classical music in all its many forms. I’m incredibly excited to be able to share this wonderful music with the city I’ve loved for over two decades, and I’m thrilled to be able to create with the incredible staff at All Classical Portland.

John Burk

Senior Announcer

I was born on the North Side of Chicago in the 1940s & started announcing the evening program on a classical station in the 1960s. After living and working in The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, New York City, central Illinois and northern Arizona, I’m still announcing the evening program on a classical station. The best station I know. What a treat.
John is on the air weekday evenings from 6 pm to 10 pm, as well as Sunday nights.
Adam Eccleston

Adam Eccleston

I am a flutist of international renown dedicated to promoting diversity and equity in classical music. In 2021, I made my Carnegie Hall debut and was named a Powell Flute Artist. My collaborative work with All Classical Portland began in 2020 when I was named an Artist in Residence, a position I held for two consecutive years. I also serve as the Chair of the station’s national, award-winning Recording Inclusivity Initiative. In 2015, I helped start BRAVO Youth Orchestras’ Cesar Chavez Wind Program, and now serve as BRAVO’s Director of Orchestras.
Raul Gomez Rojas

Raúl Gómez-Rojas

As a kid growing up in the 90’s in Costa Rica, one of my favorite things to do was to take cassette tapes and record my favorite music straight from my hometown’s radio stations, from classical to salsa and beyond. Eventually, I started learning to play the violin and music became a powerful source of joy in my life. My adventures as a violinist, conductor and educator brought me to Portland in 2016 to work as Music Director of the Metropolitan Youth Symphony. At MYS, I enjoy working with a wonderful community of music students, their families, and our amazing conductors and coaches. I am passionate about using music as a vehicle to connect with others, and I enjoy chatting with music enthusiasts (of all ages!) about their own adventures and passions.
Raúl is a contributing host and producer of On Deck with Young Musicians.
Steven Joinson

Steven Joinson

ICAN Production Assistant

I grew up in England on the Wirral Peninsula, across the River Mersey from Liverpool. As a child, my friend and I would record ourselves hosting a fictional radio program on cassette tape. We would play the recording in the bushes outside, for passersby to listen to.
Once out of school, I travelled across the Atlantic to become a summer camp counselor in Upstate New York. I spent six summers there, then moved to Portland, Oregon in 2004. I started working in after-school settings, where I co-founded a youth marimba band. Later, I went back to summer camp as a camp director, where I got the fitting nickname of 'Sound'.
I’m thrilled to continue my work with youth and music as a part of the ICAN and All Classical Portland teams.
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Lynnsay Maynard

I fell in love with public broadcasting as a teenager when I volunteered at a community radio station in my home state of Maine. At 18, I began working at Maine Public Radio, as an on-air host and producer of news and public affairs programs, where I regularly filled in as a classical music host. In 2013, I moved to Morocco and worked at a local university while freelancing for print publications abroad. When I returned to the United States, I worked as an on-air host and producer at WGBH in Boston, MA, and KUOW in Seattle, WA, respectively. In 2018, I took time away from public radio and completed a master’s degree at Columbia University where I earned a fellowship and conducted research in Jordan with USAID.
When I’m not working, I love sitting down with a good book and snuggling with my dogs.
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Coty Raven Morris

Whether it was teaching in front of the class in elementary school, being a high school and college mascot, or DJing events in college, I’ve always loved working a crowd. In fact, one of my choir students would say to me not too long ago, “Prof - you’ve been a conductor your whole life”. Music has always been a beacon of healing to me. As someone who moves at 1,000,000 mile per hour, choir – – music – – is the one thing that makes time stop for me. I knew that I needed to be in the arts. I have to be a teacher, I have to be a conductor so that I can live in this in this moment that is quite finite but feels like infinity. I want to live in this forever. And through these mediums of music and spoken word, I find my lifeline to building community.
With me, you’re literally preaching to the choir. Or shall I say, through it.
Andrea Murray

Andrea Murray

I love playing music for people. I’ve been hosting and producing Classical radio shows for over 20 years now, and at All Classical since 2007. I also spent several years working as a reporter and as a producer. I went to school to become a documentary filmmaker but changed plans after my first shift at a college radio station. I write poetry and make art and am grateful for the amazing listeners I’ve met – in the third dimension and otherwise - over the years.
Andrea hosts the overnight hours, 10 pm until 2 am, most nights on All Classical. She’s also host of our contemporary music hour, Saturdays at 9pm.
a woman sitting on couch - suzanne nance

Suzanne Nance

President & CEO

My career in broadcasting began at WHYY in Philadelphia where I had the opportunity to watch TV and radio be produced by extraordinary individuals. I was bitten by the broadcast bug and the rest, (as they say) is history. I love storytelling. I love gathering communities together around music and outstanding content that connects. I've had the opportunity to work on dozens of radio and TV programs and documentaries. At Maine Public, I created the Emmy-award winning TV series MaineArts! and the radio series: Music that Moves ME. At All Classical Portland, I enjoy my work as CEO and the creative opportunity to produce Sunday Brunch: A weekly exploration of cultures through delicious music.
Brandi Parisi

Brandi Parisi

Assistant Program Director

After eleven states, I found home when I moved to Oregon in 2007.
I discovered radio as a college freshman, and in the years since I've worked at stations in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Orlando. For six years I was a host and producer on American Public Media’s national classical music service, Classical 24. I grew up in and around New Orleans and Jackson, MS, and was a flute and communications major at Ohio University, followed by graduate school in philosophy at Purdue University.
In addition to working at All Classical Portland, I teach philosophy at Portland Community College. My husband Brice and I live with two ridiculous shih tzus in SE Portland, where we love music and movies, cooking, camping, and friends & family.
Brandi is on the air weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm, and 3 am to 10 am Saturdays. She also hosts Played in Oregon Sundays at 1 pm, and the Oregon Symphony Broadcasts.
John Pitman

John Pitman

Director of Music and Programming

I started working at All Classical Portland in 1983, just a few months after graduation from Benson Polytechnic, and the same year that 89.9 FM began broadcasting. My duties have certainly evolved from those early days when I was an evening and weekend announcer. As Director of Music and Programming, I supervise and guide the host team as we create, together, the beautiful and innovative programs that you enjoy weekly. While I am the employee who has "been here since the beginning", All Classical continues to grow and improve, and continues to challenge me and stimulate my creativity. It never stops being interesting! It is my pleasure, and privilege, to share this great music with you. John is on the air Saturdays and Sundays from 3 pm to 9pm. He is also host of The Concert Hall.
Woman sitting on a blue couch, leaning on arm rest

Rebecca Richardson

Music Researcher & Digital Producer

Music has been an integral part of my life since my earliest memories. From a childhood spent in children’s choirs, piano lessons, and musical theater productions to earning college degrees in voice performance and writing program notes for “fun money,” my life has been guided by the call of classical music. I’m a Southern Californian transplant currently settled in SE Portland after spending nearly a decade writing and performing on the East Coast. I got my first taste of music research while working as a Music History T.A. in grad school, and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with humanizing and contextualizing the names behind the music we love so much. When I’m not stooped over my desk gleefully going down composer-related rabbit holes, you will likely find me on a long walk around the neighborhood with my husband and daughter, savoring a glass of good wine, or immersed in a sturdy historical biography.
Edmund Stone

Edmund Stone

I grew up on a rural farm in England with a deep love of Shakespeare, poetry, film, acting, gardens and animals. I started my career in broadcasting in 1975, later joining the BBC which sent me to Hollywood to cover the Academy Awards. My love of film kept me in Hollywood for a decade, during which time I met and interviewed amazing legends such as Cary Grant, Mel Blanc, Vincent Price, Alfred Hitchcock, all while narrating over 1,000 audio books. I moved to Oregon in 1990, and split my time between Oregon and Cameroon, West Africa, where I co-founded a chimpanzee rescue and sanctuary. Radio beckoned once again and I joined All Classical in 2001 as an on-air host. I created The Score in 2006, a nationally syndicated show on film music that I write, host and produce. I share my life with wife Cindy in a 1900 English cottage with a garden, cat Osiris and house rabbit Ullr.
Edmund writes and hosts The Score, a nationally syndicated film music program, which you can hear every Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm
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Christa Wessel

Communications & Technical Liaison

As a kid, I learned to play French horn and immediately fell head-over-heels in love with classical music. That passion eventually took me to Northwestern University where I graduated with a degree in Arts Administration.
My career in radio was an unplanned, happy accident. The first time I found myself behind a microphone I knew that I had found my dream job. I find such joy in sharing my enthusiasm for music! I worked as a radio host at the classical station in Raleigh, NC for nearly a decade before joining the team at All Classical Portland in 2007.
In my free time I enjoy stormy weekends at the coast, escaping into big juicy novels and baking sourdough bread.
Christa is the late afternoon host, on the air weekdays from 2 pm to 6 pm, as well as host and producer of “On Deck with Young Musicians” and “Thursdays @ Three.”
Sarah Zwinklis

Sarah Zwinklis

ICAN Program Manager, Host, and Producer

While I was tinkering around with audio software in college, I realized radio could be the career path for me. Once I graduated from Columbia College Chicago, I immediately did the next logical step and boarded a plane to Melbourne, VIC, Australia. Where I did NOT get a job in radio however when I returned to the states I was hired as a production assistant at WFMT in Chicago. During my time in Chicago, I worked on content for Lyric Opera Broadcasts, Grant Park Music Festival, and produced the Deems Taylor Award winning program Relevant Tones.

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